Numerics of any precision, symbolics, or visualization—Mathematica is the ultimate computational tool, with systemwide technology to ensure reliability, ease of use, and performance. Use Mathematica computation directly, as the engine in an infrastructure, or integrated into a standalone application.

Core Algorithms

The world’s largest integrated web of mathematical capabilities and algorithms

Numerical Computing

Industrial-strength numerics, from instant computations to heavy number crunching

Application Areas

Fully integrated, specialist technical functionality

Data Sources & Analysis

One-stop solution for data acquisition, processing, analysis, and visualization

Graphics & Visualization

Uniquely integrated graphics and powerful visualization


Develop tools, applications, documents, or infrastructure components using Mathematica’s seamless workflow, unique symbolic language, and advanced code editing environment, achieving fast turnaround on small projects and record times on large systems.

Programming & Development

The uniquely powerful symbolic language that is the foundation for Mathematica

Interactivity & Interface Design

Dynamic interactive computing and instant interface building


Whether your deliverables are interactive documents, presentations, applications, or enterprise systems, Mathematica can deploy your results in a wide range of formats locally or across a network. With many ways to connect to and work with external systems, Mathematica is designed to maximize your productivity.

Deployment & Connectivity

Immediate deployment for all scales

Productivity & Usability

Streamlined workflow, from concept to results