Why Wolfram Finance Platform?

Because principles matter.

Twenty years of building on bold design principles make Mathematica the world’s ultimate computation platform, and these design principles allow for the continuous development of financial capabilities.


Automation is the key to productive computing. Unlike other systems, Wolfram Finance Platform applies intelligent automation in every part of the system, from algorithm selection to plot layout and user interface design.You get reliable, high-quality results without needing algorithm expertise—and even if you’re an expert, you get results faster.

Wolfram Finance Platform automatically chooses the most appropriate valuation method across all 95 supported option classes.

Integrated All-in-One Platform

Specialized software and add-on toolboxes discourage the creative exploration of new ideas and areas—an even greater cost than their purchase price. Wolfram Finance Platform requires no add-ons. It has built-in specialized functionality for many finance areas, from derivatives pricing to optimization, trading charts to statistical tests, all tightly integrated with the rest of the system. Non-computational tasks are equally integrated—from interactive report generation to system integration, all the tools you need are in a single integrated platform.

This point-and-click value-at-risk calculator uses Wolfram Finance Platform’s built-in functionality to apply advanced statistical models to a market data feed

Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Methodology

Symbolic and numerical computation are traditionally thought of as separate, to the detriment of users. In Wolfram Finance Platform, they are seamlessly integrated, enabling unique hybrid methods for many problems and ensuring consistent results whenever quantities of any precision are combined.

Both symbolic and numerical values are returned for many financial functions, allowing results to be directly solved, optimized, or used within larger models.

Multiparadigm Language

Wolfram Finance Platform’s Mathematica stands out from traditional computer languages by simultaneously supporting many programming paradigms, such as procedural, functional, rule-based, pattern-based, object-oriented, and more.

Mathematica lets you program in the style you prefer.

Built-in Knowledge

Searching and updating standard datasets shouldn’t interrupt your workflow. Wolfram Finance Platform is unique among computation environments because it includes Wolfram|Alpha’s vast collection of carefully curated data of all kinds, continuously updated and expanded. Financial databases include market prices and market fundamentals that are essential for constructing financial and economic models. For real-time trading, Wolfram Finance Platform can also access your Bloomberg data feed.

With Wolfram Finance Platform, computation-ready data is built in.

Document-Based Workflow

You shouldn’t need one program to process your financial and economic data, another to visualize it, and a third to interactively present it. Wolfram Finance Platform does everything in a single workflow, keeping all elements of a project—calculations, visualizations, data, documentation, and even interactive applications—together, in uniquely flexible documents. Computable Document Format (CDF) files consolidate your calculations, interactive visualizations, and data and text and create high-quality reports or presentation documents.

A simple example of what is possible with CDF, along with hundreds of freely available professional finance and economic models, which can be downloaded in the CDF format from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.