Scale your Wolfram Language Applications with Unmatched Power and Efficiency

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge computational power and robust cloud deployment with Wolfram Application Server. Harness the built-in intelligence of the Wolfram Language to create robust, high-quality content in record time. Whether you’re a developer, data scientist, or enterprise looking to leverage the full potential of Wolfram technology, our Application Server is the perfect solution for you.

The Wolfram Advantage: Unleash the Power of Wolfram Language

Wolfram Application Server combines the computational might of the Wolfram Engine with state-of-the-art cloud and containerization technologies. Say goodbye to time-consuming code development and embrace rapid application deployment with the following key advantages:


Instant APIs: Effortlessly generate stateless RESTful APIs using our powerful cloud deployment functionality. Create seamless connections between your applications and the Wolfram Engine.


Smart Web Forms: Empower your users with code-free access to Wolfram Language computations through convenient form interfaces. Deliver an intuitive user experience with ease.


Backward Compatibility: Maintain a consistent and reliable code base across different Wolfram Language versions, including those powering webMathematica. No more compatibility worries.


Simple Deployment: Our robust external services framework ensures smooth authentication and data exchange in your deployments. Focus on your application, not the deployment hurdles.


Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Leverage the Wolfram NLU System, the technology behind Wolfram|Alpha, to create applications that understand and interpret natural language inputs.


Rapid Development: Save time by writing only the unique parts of your code. Let the Wolfram Language handle the heavy lifting with its unified and highly automated functions.


On-the-Fly Content Generation: Dynamically generate content based on time, location, and user preferences. Integrate curated content from the vast Wolfram Knowledgebase to enrich your applications.

Key Features: Powering Applications Anywhere

Wolfram Application Server opens up a world of possibilities for delivering optimized Wolfram computations and content directly to end-users through their web browsers. Here’s what sets us apart:


Optimized Wolfram Engines: Benefit from a managed infrastructure with preinitialized and configured pools of Wolfram Engines tailored to your specific needs.


Lightning-Speed APIs: Experience the fastest way to leverage the Wolfram Language across your LAN or the web. Your applications will perform like never before.


Established Technology: Rely on the same foundational technology that powers the Wolfram Cloud and Wolfram|Alpha. With 30 years of continuous development, you’re in expert hands.


Complete Web Integration: Say goodbye to client-side authentication and installation headaches. Wolfram Application Server runs on standard web protocols, simplifying the deployment process.


Serverless: No Wasted Time: Take advantage of our serverless architecture and deploy to a managed cluster with minimal configuration. Focus on what matters most – your application.


Platform-Agnostic Computing: Your projects automatically scale up to utilize the full power of your system or cluster. No need to worry about the underlying architecture—we’ve got you covered.

For the Enterprise and Beyond: Introducing Wolfram Application Server

Wolfram Application Server is a revolutionary platform developed by Wolfram Research, providing customers with the means to deploy Wolfram Language-powered APIs and webpages into scalable, highly available enterprise clusters.


Tightly Focused on Web Applications


Our platform is purpose-built for stateless web applications, centered around functions like APIFunction, FormFunction, and HTTPResponse. Say goodbye to online notebook interactivity and user session management—Wolfram Application Server delivers a streamlined experience for your applications.


Flexibility Meets Efficiency with Containers


All components of Wolfram Application Server are built into containers using Docker and integrated with Kubernetes—the leading container management system. This approach offers unparalleled flexibility for deploying into your cluster, whether on your own hardware or a third-party cloud provider.


The Microservices Approach


Wolfram Application Server operates through a microservices architecture, making it easy to deploy and host Wolfram Language-based applications. The Active Web Elements Server (AWES) service handles end-user requests and efficiently manages pools of Wolfram Engines for computations.


A Trio of Supporting Services


To ensure seamless deployment and availability, Wolfram Application Server provides the Resource Manager and the Endpoint Manager. The Resource Manager handles the deployment of content accessible by end-users, while the Endpoint Manager creates, modifies, and deletes endpoints for content presentation.


Secure and Efficient File Management


With the Node Files Manager, you can deploy files directly to the local file system of all servers in the cluster. These files support the Wolfram Engine with necessary configurations and packages, ensuring optimal performance.


The Storage Service and Streaming Service


Supporting services like the Storage Service and the Streaming Service work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide persistence, single source of truth (SSOT), and communication between instances in the cluster.


Welcome to Wolfram Application Server: Unleash the Full Potential of the Wolfram Language


Whether you’re a large enterprise seeking the utmost control or a developer in search of high-performance applications, Wolfram Application Server empowers you to create, deploy, and manage Wolfram Language applications with ease and efficiency. Harness the power of Wolfram technology and transform your ideas into reality.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of computational excellence? Explore Wolfram Application Server today!



Technology Integration:

Wolfram Application Server seamlessly integrates with Docker, Kubernetes and similar platforms; container solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, Google and IBM; and other standard cloud technologies. Connect Wolfram Engines to your existing production infrastructure without having to start over or reconfigure.


Will Wolfram Application Server work with my existing web applications?

  • Yes, Wolfram Application Server is compatible with most web-based programs and services due to its RESTful architecture.


Does Wolfram Application Server make a browser work like a Wolfram Notebook?

  • No, Wolfram Application Server does not offer notebook simulation through a browser. Those features are reserved for Wolfram Cloud products.


Is there a publicly accessible Wolfram Application Server?

  • No, but contact us to discuss our demo options.


What levels of support are available for Wolfram Application Server?

  • Wolfram Application Server comes with Premier Service or Enterprise Service. Contact us for more details.


Are there any restrictions on how I use Wolfram Application Server?

  • Please see the terms and conditions of use for requirements and restrictions.


Can I upgrade my existing webMathematica installation to Wolfram Application Server?

  • In general, yes. Wolfram Application Server supports backward compatibility with the features of webMathematica that are compatible with the modern web. Additionally, Wolfram Language code is backward compatible.


Do I have to update my Wolfram Application Server whenever there’s a new version?

  • You can update at your leisure. We recommend that you keep your Wolfram Application Server up to date with the latest release to take advantage of the latest features and fixes!


Can I prevent certain clients from accessing the endpoints on my Wolfram Application Server?

  • Wolfram Application Server does not provide a user model. Endpoints are accessible by any user that has network access to the server. Individual Wolfram Language applications can easily integrate OAuth, as well as other authentication standards and security protocols.


Is connectivity with the wider internet required?

  • Since Wolfram Application Server is self-contained, it does not require any external connections to function. Certain features such as Wolfram Knowledgebase access and external services may be limited without an internet connection.