Do you need help with your project?

Whether you are facing a slump in productivity, or you just need to change the way you collect, analyze and use data in order to improve your business processes, SciExperts consulting can give you the required guidance to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your most critical processes.

Feel free to contact our expert consulting team and ask what we can do for you.

Here is how our consultation process works.

Analysis of current processes

A visit by the consultation team to analyze current processes and possible solutions. The team will

  • Create a flowchart of current processes of gathering, analyzing, organizing and presenting data
  • Capture data and analyze current performances
  • Identify and prioritize process inefficiencies
  • Document new processes and methods

Discussing your needs

With a first discussion to:

  • Identify the topic
  • Define client requirements, goals and objectives
  • Form the consultation team


Having noted current deficiencies, the team will then

  • Propose changes and implementation plan
  • Seek the endorsement of proposals
  • Communication with process stakeholders


At this stage, we will show you alpha/beta/final versions to

  • Test the endorsed proposals
  • Implement improvements that work
  • Communicate the change to process users
  • Train the team

Monitoring and review

And to finalize the project we

  • Review the implemented changes
  • Re-measure performance
  • Benchmark

Feel free to contact us  to discuss your needs in consulting services.